Your partner to enable your immigrant/foreign-born
clients to become homeowners

The government put in place in January 2023 the Prohibition on the Purchase of Residential Property by Non-Canadians Act for a two-year period. The policy intent was to prioritize domestic buyers, limit foreign ones, and damp down increasing home prices.

As a real estate or mortgage broker

You understand the need to restrict property speculation and contain inflation. However, you see that legislation doesn’t perfectly match current reality, particularly given the labour shortage. Some of your clients who are immigrants, foreigners, or temporary residents are highly qualified in specialized fields?

They have chosen our country to build their future and should have the opportunity to settle in Canada with their families. Yet you think you have to tell them that in the short term, they can’t aspire to become homeowners in view of the Act?

Solution Nord-Immo is your partner to make it possible for your clients to purchase real estate.

How to make their dream come true

We lawfully help your clients to achieve their dream with our rent-to-own solution. It allows them to rent a home with the option of purchasing it in the future—until the temporary law of the Canadian government expires.

Comprehensive support

Once your clients have chosen a property, Solution Nord-Immo acquires it. They commit to leasing it for a specific period with the option of buying it at a fixed price before the lease runs out.

Our services are available to many administrative regions in Quebec. Why should your immigrant or foreign clients be prevented from becoming homeowners? And why should you lose potential clients?

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