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“I recommend Solution Nord-Immo without hesitation. At a time when I thought I had to give up on my plan to acquire a house for my large family, Manon came into our lives. What else can we say that we met a real, authentic person who listened to our needs and concerns. In the most difficult moments, Manon has always been there to cheer me up and give me a helping hand to keep moving forward. A huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to you Manon and your spouse for allowing us to have our house corresponding to all our needs. We will be eternally grateful to you.”


Lavaltrie, January 2022

“We wanted to acknowledge your participation in our house project! You are a professional person, very honest, genuine and trustworthy. Thank you to the entire Solution Nord-Immo team. I highly recommend you, we were in good hands. 5-star service! P.S. Thank you for our little giggles!”

Alain and Richard

Montréal, December 2021

“**HERE IS THE HOUSE OF MIRACLES** And yes, you read that right! With her endearing personality, values, convictions as well as the mission she gives herself, Manon Sicotte performs miracles in order to bring back a smile to her clients. Even in a situation that everyone said lost, she allowed me to get out of a situation where I lost everything, really everything!!!! In the end, I was able to keep my house and sell other buildings that no agent before she had wanted to put on the market. I paid off all my debts and avoided bankruptcy, a repossession of finances and everything that comes with it. She gave me hope and a new breath, and I will be eternally grateful to her. A thousand thanks to Manon, that little angel. Keep doing good, you do it in a way that no other person can. You are unique and you know how to make a difference in a person's life. thank you again and thank you is not strong enough to express how much you have changed the vision and hope of my future.”


Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, June 2021

“Buying a roof or a nest is a very stressful and demanding stage in our life. On the other hand, when we meet the Solution Nord-Immo team and especially Ms. Manon Sicotte, we are in good hands. I was supported and well advised according to my needs, my income, and my budget, with transparency and integrity, without any surprises. Thank you for your professionalism.”


Montréal, January 2021

“We had great service! Manon is a golden person, attentive to all our needs and she was able to assist us at all times and help make our dream come true! Thank you for everything, we will be forever grateful!!”


Blainville, July 2021

“Exceptional service. Only good words for Manon Sicotte. A person who is available and listens to her clients. She puts clients' needs before her own. She is so human. I recommend 100%. I can now fulfill my dream thanks to the good care of Manon.”

Mario and Lynda

Sorel, December 2020

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the dedicated Solution Nord-Immo team for this wonderful opportunity to be able to gain access to property now. Thanks especially to you Manon for your good advice, for listening, for dealing with the specifics of my situation, for finding me the perfect property for my needs, and especially my budget. Thank you so much because thanks to you, I will be in my house in less than three weeks while continuing to rebuild myself properly financially. Thank you for your trust and for this second chance. I volunteer for any reference requested. Thank you!”


Terrebonne, September 2020

“I recommend! She does a very professional job. She helps a lot in making the purchase of a house a reality.”


Blainville, September 2017

“Manon Sicotte is an honest person who can be trusted. The service I received was very professional and above all, transparent; many thanks for my house!”

Marie Esther

Gatineau, June 2020

“The service is outstanding; a professional, courteous team. Thank you for helping me make this project happen!”


Lachute, July 2022

“Solution Nord-Immo is a financial company to do business with in critical situations! I was very impressed with the dedication, patience, quality service and effectiveness of this company. I had a poor credit rating and insolvency due to financial difficulties, but thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to believe that anything is possible for the best with perseverance. I 200% recommend!!! Thanks!”


Repentigny, October 2020

“We have gone through such difficult times in recent years and more than once, we thought we would never be able to access home ownership. And then we were very fortunate to see an advertisement and we met Manon Sicotte. From the first contacts, we felt at peace and in good hands. At each stage, she was there to reassure us and help us find solutions, guiding us towards what needed to be done to achieve them. We can't thank her enough! One year after the start of the rent-to-own process, we finally own our house! Solution Nord-Immo and Manon in particular made it all possible by putting their trust in us. We got a second chance.”

Melissa and Martin

Terrebonne, March 2022

“I have no hesitation in recommending Solution Nord-Immo. In addition to allowing us to buy the house we wanted, Manon Sicotte has demonstrated the utmost professionalism. What has proved us that we had made the right choice in putting our trust in her is her authenticity. In fact, throughout the process, I felt that Manon was committed to ensuring the success of her clients and that she believes in their potential. I loved the human side of the business. Thank you so much!”


Terrebonne, July 2021

“Amélie and I are very happy to have used your services! We would like to thank you and your team for the smooth running of our project. You do an amazing job, thank you!”


Saint-Lin, July 2022

“Thank you for everything Manon! It's thanks to you that I was able to purchase my house. Thank you a thousand times!!!”


Terrebonne, January 2022

“When dozens of doors close, well, go through the window! Manon Sicotte is this window on a new, bright day! She was my greatest encounter this year; a professional expert in her field, surrounded by a wonderful team with very nice human and ethical values!! She took the time to listen to me and understand my objectives, my challenges. She trusted me, just like I was able to trust her. I was not deceived!! Very well structured follow-up, EFFICIENCY from the beginning of the project to the final signing at the notary. She will have impact not only on my life but also on my loved ones. What a beautiful soul! May the Universe repay you a hundredfold for the benefits you bring on a daily basis. Thank you for everything!”


Mascouche, March 2022

“Credit issues that never end? Tired of dealing with difficult owners or giving them your money? You think you'll never overcome it and believe that you will never have your own house because of misfortunes? Solution Nord-Immo gives you your chance! Manon listened to us and helped us improve our situation for the best. We now have our own house thanks to kind people! We highly recommend!”

Elise et Yan

Sainte-Julienne, July 2021

“We sincerely recommend a rent-to-own project with Manon Sicotte. She did an outstanding job. She guided us to find a house and then restore our credit (all because of an old house that had big issues), and finally found us a financial institution for the loan; wonderful people, just like her with her experience and kindness. Our dream came true thanks to Manon: we got our house for Christmas! Huge thanks, we will never forget you believed in us.”

Linda and Maurice

Sorel, December 2021

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