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  • Low credit rating
  • High debt ratio
  • Bankruptcy or consumer proposal

  • Newly self-employed
  • Insufficient reported income
  • Job loss

  • Awaiting permanent resident status
  • No credit history

  • Separated
  • Divorce
  • Death of a loved one
  • Illness

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Solution Nord-Immo:
a valued experience

“Solution Nord-Immo is a financial company to do business with in critical situations! I was very impressed with the dedication, patience, quality service and effectiveness of this company. I had a poor credit rating and insolvency due to financial difficulties, but thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to believe that anything is possible for the best with perseverance. I 200% recommend!!! Thanks!”


Repentigny, October 2020

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the dedicated Solution Nord-Immo team for this wonderful opportunity to be able to gain access to property now. Thanks especially to you Manon for your good advice, for listening, for dealing with the specifics of my situation, for finding me the perfect property for my needs, and especially my budget. Thank you so much because thanks to you, I will be in my house in less than three weeks while continuing to rebuild myself properly financially. Thank you for your trust and for this second chance. I volunteer for any reference requested. Thank you!”


Terrebonne, September 2020

“Credit issues that never end? Tired of dealing with difficult owners or giving them your money? You think you'll never overcome it and believe that you will never have your own house because of misfortunes? Solution Nord-Immo gives you your chance! Manon listened to us and helped us improve our situation for the best. We now have our own house thanks to kind people! We highly recommend!”

Elise et Yan

Sainte-Julienne, July 2021

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